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 Technical parameters

System parameters-www.j

Working voltage: D3C4.0V ~ 6.5V 4 x 1.5V AA5 # High energy alkaline batteries
Card Type: Mifare Card
Sensing distance: 0-30mm
Sensitivity: <0.2 seconds 100% effective reading card
Applicable chip: MIfare card
Open the door time: press the handle once effective, delay 6 seconds after the automatic reset lock
Management authority: the system operators at all levels to set free to meet the five requirements
Password settings: a group of management password, 50 groups open the door password
Open the door set: a management card, 200 open the door card

Auxiliary function Empty function: management card to delete all open the door card, manage the password to delete all the open password
Extended functions: elevator control, consumption management functions
Emergency unlock: Class B mechanical key-金沙2015网站

Installation parameters

Lock body shape: 155 × 90 × 22.5mm
Lock side panel: 202 × 27 × 5.6mm
Lock body pitch: 63 × 62.5 × 92mm
The best door thickness: 40 ~ 50mm, other door thickness matching
Applicable door type: wooden door, metal door
Appearance size: 315 × 75mm, handle 140mm-澳门金沙js999

   -js金沙城娛樂城FunctiOnal characterlstics

patented design, intelligent operation
card unlock, password unlock
privilege classification, system compatibility
multi-purpose card, a multi-card
No system, safe and convenient
password protection, emergency unlock
● -金沙9159游艺场网址Channel function, normally set
false lock alarm, low reminder

   Applicable to all kinds of hotel rooms