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在线购置 Intelligent Smart Edition   ZX-7101D


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Technical parameters



Working voltage: DC4.0 section 4 x 1.5 V ~ 6.5 V V AA5 # high-energy alkaline batteries

Auxiliary power supply: 9 v batteries, electric door

Verify alignment: 1.2 S or less (including fingerprint acquisition, comparison, unlock signal output)

Boomed from: 0 1% or less

Recognize false rate: < 0 0001%

Memory capacity: 100 fingerprints

100 fingerprints: administrator, or administrators to 10, 90 users

Memory capacity: 10 years

The fingerprint sensor: green light optical head



Pry proof alarm: when the outside plate automatic alarm when a serious deformation

Mechanical lock: the key to open the lock

Restore function: door recovery system



Single tongue lock body pitch: 50 mm stainless steel insert lock body

Single lock tongue body shape: 17 mm * 25.5 mm * 75 mm

Single tongue lock body side panel: 68 mm * 26.5 mm * 4 mm

Double tongue lock body pitch: 5050 mm double tongue quick-opening stainless steel lock body

Double lock tongue body shape: 148 mm * 71 mm * 14.5 mm

Double tongue lock body side panel: 148 mm * 22 mm * 3 mm



Fitness for the thick door: 40 ~ 50 mm, special order

Applicable door type: wooden door, steel door

Appearance size: 230 mm x 64 mm of hand 130 mm

FunctiOnal characterlstics

Patent technology  ● Intelligent fashion    ● quick open lock   ●  Operating flexible  ● -金沙官网-www.4399js.comautomatic electric   ● free handle  ● illegal dormancy   ● low electric alarm

   Suitable for all kinds of hotel rooms